Custom Homes


Custom Homes

We Build Custom Homes

We understand that building a home is an emotional and often stressful process, and it is our goal to alleviate those levels! At Fortress Homes, we use our experience, integrity, and knowledge to guide you through the entire process. We work with you on land you already own, or we can suggest lots that we already have that would best suit your wants and needs, and the same goes for architectural plans.


Before pursuing any major financial decisions, checking with your banker to ensure that you are pre-approved is a must.

Meet with Us

Once you are pre-approved, we will meet with you to discuss the rest of the process. This is where we will talk about details of the lot and the blueprints for your home.

Select Location

Explore different areas that you want to live. We can offer you the lots we already have secured, or we can help you find one if you don’t already have one. If you do have your lot, we will do a site evaluation to get the scope of the project understood.

Floor Plans

After finalizing the details of the lot, we can move to the process of blueprints. If you don’t already have floor plans drawn up, we can refer you to a draftsman that can design the home of your dreams.

Bidding and Design

Once the plans are set, this is when we can discuss the different materials that will go into the build of the home. This helps us determine and finalize your budget, getting us ready to break ground.